That’s a What?
It's late and I'm tired, so here's a last-minute picture of Brian and Ashley's new friend wrapped up in his girly coat.
Tuesday. Yawn.
A cold, dark and cloudy day it was today. Our family is quite tired as a result. It's again amazing there are pictures being poste...
It’s All About the Dog
Well, we based our whole day around the dog, it seems. I guess that's what happens when you decide it's time she rid herself of so...
Flippin’ Laundry, All Flippin’ Day
Brackins scores 42, but that can't salvage my day as Iowa State gets beat and I spend the day cleaning and doing laundry. The colo...
Day 2: I Watched a Tall Guy Hit a Ball Hard
Went to the AVP Hot Winter Nights Tour that came to the Sprint Center in KC. It was flippin' cold outside, alright.
Your Once Daily Photographic Medication
Today begins the once-a-day photographic blog that will challenge and inspire us. We'll see how it works out.