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Celebration Farm Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa City Photographers - Carter Photography
Blaine & Abby’s Celebration Barn Wedding Pictures
What was probably the most popular wedding date of 2020 was also probably the most popular day for some strangely named minute pirate bugs to come out to play. And apparently the savages are undeterred by any sort of bug spray. Bugs aside, Blaine and Abby were blessed with an absolutely perfect wedding day and I was surprised by ho ...
Bella Sala Wedding Pictures Iowa City Photographers Carter Photography
Josh & Sarah’s Bella Sala Wedding Pictures
Weather can be so much of what we remember from a wedding day. I can legitimately give you details about what the weather was like on wedding days 10 years ago. Josh and Sarah weren't dealt a perfect day weather-wise, but I can say with confidence that they still had the best day ever, which is all that matters! Despite the miserab ...
Eastbank Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers Carter Photography
Adam & Brittany’s Eastbank Wedding Pictures
Adam and Brittany were blessed with a beautiful wedding day. It was basically perfect. Except for maybe some mosquitoes and a little discomfort caused by Adam's shoes. More on that later. They had God at the center of the whole day, which is always a delight and encouragement to us. I think this was the first wedding we have shot f ...
Longbranch Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers Carter Photography
Dalton & Jill’s Longbranch Wedding Pictures
Dalton and Jill had a beautiful August day for their wedding, which was seemingly much deserved after they endured . . . 2020. Need we say anything more? Oh, but we can. A global pandemic rescheduled their original date. A derecho that hit the area around their wedding venue extremely hard three weeks prior. They had hair stylist a ...
Coralville Marriott Wedding Pictures Iowa City Photographers Carter Photography
Maxwell & Dana’s Coralville Marriott Wedding Pictures
What a last couple weeks it has been! What year it has been! As if dealing with a global pandemic wasn't enough, the week of Maxwell and Dana's wedding, a storm unlike anything we've seen wrecked central and eastern Iowa. A derecho, which I learned how to correctly pronounce this week. It was bad. Fortunately Maxwell and Dana's wed ...