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Celebration Farm Wedding Pictures Iowa City Photographers Carter Photography
Kenny & Kelsie’s Celebration Farm Wedding Pictures
Kenny and Kelsie's wedding day was what every wedding should be—a joyful celebration that tied together a cord of three strands forever. The Lord was at the center of their day, which is always an encouragement for us to witness and document. It was visibly obvious that these two were just so darn excited to get married. Kelsie was ...
Eastbank Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers - Carter Photography
Jim & Caroline’s Eastbank Wedding Pictures
"You're weird." "But, you're my kind of weird." Jim and Caroline are 100% comfortable being themselves with each other, and you can tell they love each other's "weirdness". It's pretty common for people to wear a mask or facade so they can manipulate others' perception of them, but I didn't get that sense at all with Jim and ...
Ushers Ferry Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers Carter Photography
Scott & Kari’s Ushers Ferry Wedding Pictures
Chugging through our busy November, we had the privilege of joining Scott and Kari for their beautiful and emotional wedding day at Ushers Ferry on the west side of Cedar Rapids. It felt like a perfect setting for a winter-ish wedding with its lodge-like feel and the snow that was lingering around outside. They built a nice palette ...
Cedar Ridge Wedding Pictures Winery Photos Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers Carter Photography
Jeff & Stephanie’s Cedar Ridge Wedding Pictures
Jeff and Stephanie originally hail from Iowa, and they met here while in college. After graduating, they moved out to Colorado, where it sounds like they are now quite the outdoorsy and adventurous couple! Even though their wedding day was the first time that we got to meet in person, I have really enjoyed getting to know these guy ...
Burlington Iowa Pzazz Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Photographers Carter Photography
Scott & Kayla’s Burlington Pzazz Wedding Pictures
It's nice that Halloween is now the unofficial start of winter, right? We spent the first part of winter last weekend in southeast Iowa for Scott and Kayla's early November wedding. The ceremony was at St Mary's Catholic Church is West Point, Iowa, and that is where Scott and Kayla finished getting ready. There was crying that happ ...