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Baby Vivian
Welcome to the world, baby Vivian. She probably won the prize for most excretions during a session. And just because there were a large number of excretions, don't think that they weren't each impressive in size also! She certainly kept us on our toes. :) Pee and the other stuff are always good for a laugh and a natural intermissio ...
Baby Harper
Continuing the baby theme (I know, we're popping them out like crazy!), welcome baby Harper. The light and temperature were perfect for this baby session, which also means that I was sweating my butt off while shooting. Whew! She was quite the cooperative little sleeper for us. Check out the little angel. :) Her olde ...
Baby Beau
Check out the many faces of Beau. :) The poor guy had a little bit of a cold when we arrived, but we managed through alright. Big Sis was soooo excited for picture time, but then she got a little stage fright. I think it's hilarious. :)
Five Months Later: Lainey
Check out Lainey all grown up. She has turned into quite the camera ham. . . thanks especially to Daddy. He completely lost his voice soon after the session after saying "Sweeeet Peeeaa. . . Sweeeeet Sweet Peeeeea" a million times in the highest pitch he could muster. Of course he was doing this while straddling me as I laid on the ...
Baby Ava & Big Sis
Check out sweet, baby Ava. She was sleepy just like we like 'em. She knew when it was appropriate to use the bathroom too, which is always helpful. :) I'll start with my favorite, because she just looks precious. Time to bring in big sis. I think Alexis secretly (or not so secretly) practices modeling poses. She ...