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Rapid Creek Cidery Wedding Pictures Iowa City Photographers Carter Photography
Isaac & Alyssa’s Rapid Creek Cidery Wedding Pictures
I've told the story over and over this year. Isaac and Alyssa's story is not unlike most that we've been a part of in 2020. They were planning the wedding of their dreams at a beautiful venue, surrounded by a host friends and family. But then COVID... They simplified things quite a bit for their wedding day, choosing to basically h ...
Des Moines Art Center Rose Garden Wedding Pictures Carter Photography
Jacob & Amber’s Des Moines Rose Garden Wedding Pictures
Jacob and Amber's wedding day didn't follow your standard timeline, and that was just fine for us! We were up at 4:30 A.M. (which is the earliest I've been up in YEARS) to make the trip over to Des Moines and begin shooting getting ready details at 8:00. Their ceremony followed immediately after at 10:00 A.M. It was nice because it ...
Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding Pictures Iowa City Photographers Carter Photography
Alec & Haley’s Cedar Ridge Wedding Pictures
Alec and Haley got married. It really happened! They were scheduled to have their wedding in September, but COVID... They were thinking everything was going to be manageable by September, but as life played out and cases continued to spike, they decided to accelerate the process to get this marriage thing solidified. They were orig ...
Palmer House Stable Sparkler Exit Wedding Pictures Solon Iowa Photographers - Carter Photography
Ian & Kari’s Palmer House Stable & Celebration Farm Wedding Pictures
Ian and Kari have quite a unique story. They branded portions of their wedding day with phrases like, "This is where we start again," and, "It was always you." They dated each other in high school, and Ian even gave Kari a promise ring while they dated (which Kari kept and I photographed on the wedding day). They went off to differ ...
Hotel Kirkwood Wedding Pictures Cedar Rapids Iowa Photographers Carter Photography
Aaron & Alyssa’s Hotel Kirkwood Wedding Pictures
We were blessed to be able to share in Aaron and Alyssa's wedding day this weekend by documenting the pretty awesome event with what we think are some pretty awesome photos. :) When they set to planning the event over a year ago, what took place this past Saturday was not exactly what they had in mind. Right in the heart of the COV ...