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Surprise! It’s A Brand New Blog, Peeps!
Check out the new look! Hope you enjoy!
Photographic Deliciousness Now Served Here
Welcome to bigger, bolder, photos. The blog has been improved handsomely, no? No need to worry about visiting the previous blog any longer as I've imported all of the posts that were archived there as well. I will make a few tweaks to the new layout every now and then as I iron things out, but I promise big, tasty images will never ...
May Flowers
All this rain has got to be good for the plants. We've seen sooo much rain in April and the beginning of May, but as the saying goes, April showers absolutely bring May flowers. I just found out yesterday what these beauties in our backyard are called—clematises :). Obviously I take no credit for them being there, but they're nice ...
Fatherhood Workshop
It's been a while, but I'm back! Kind of amazing considering the cuisine I supplemented my diet this past weekend. A fatherhood workshop is the same thing as a baby shower, but way cooler and more manly. No women are allowed anywhere near the premises. To celebrate a host of soon-to-be dads, we had some ridiculous BBQ, preceded by ...
I Thought Spring Was Here
It was 65 and sunny all of last week, convincing the plants and myself that spring was here to stay. A surprising half-foot of snow showed up today after a morning of freezing rain. The snow stuck to everything, so there were some interesting pictures of drooping plant life to be had. We got another 2-3 inches after I shot these. ...