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Iowa City Solon Lake MacBride Engagement Session Pictures - Carter Photography
Patrick & Caitlin’s Engagement Session
It was a lovely evening for Patrick and Caitlin's engagement session. We started in Iowa City around the University of Iowa campus and the old state capitol building and then traveled a ways out to Lake MacBride to capture a few nature shots and a gorgeous sunset over the water! ...
Iowa City Field Engagement Session Pictures - Carter Photography
Ryan & Lindsay’s Iowa City Engagement Session Pictures
We had the most amazing evening for Ryan and Lindsay's engagement session. It wasn't without the threat of rain, or even a few raindrops to start, of course. Lindsay had a very specific vision of an open field with abundant sunshine for the photos. Fortunately we were able to make good on that vision with a cool, yet still abundant ...
Nelson Kansas City Engagement Pictures Photographers - Carter Photography
In Love: Tim & Kelsea’s Engagement Pictures
It was a gorgeous day and I had a great time hanging out with Tim and Kelsea for their engagement session in Kansas City. We shot in Loose Park and at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, and it was amazing the number of people that were out seeking recreation! On some of these wide shots, I'm really surprised we were able to get a clean ...
Cedar Rapids Iowa City Engagement Pictures Photographers - Carter Photography
In Love: Max & Allison’s Engagement Pictures
Max and Allison had a golden hour of light for the ages during their engagement session. Goodness that glow was beautiful! And the sunset that came after was just my style—not cloudy (of course), but not a crystal clear sky either. You've got to have some clouds in the sky to add some extra color and visual interest. These photos a ...
Cedar Rapids Iowa City Engagement Pictures Photographers Harley Davidson Motorcycle - Carter Photgraphy
In Love: Justin & Amanda’s Engagement Pictures
Justin and Amanda's engagement session pictures are as legit as Justin's beard. Toward the end of the session, we incorporated Justin's Harley that they love to ride. It's always sweet to incorporate some personal aspects into engagement sessions, as that helps to make the session more unique and reflective of the couple. ...