Category: Engagements

In Love: Bryan & Jamie Engagement Session
Bryan and Jamie basically worked it in front of the camera all night long for this engagement session. We haven't seen many as comfortable as they were, so their photogenia (yeah, I totally made that word up) was quite a treat. Speaking of treats, they also brought along the puppers for their session so that he could splash around ...
In Love: Jeff & Kay Engagement Session
We enjoyed a lovely evening with Jeff and Kay as we walked over Kansas City. We laughed a lot and ended up in some really random places. At one point I found myself taking pictures of Jeff and Kay making out inside of an abandoned caboose that was filled with pizza boxes, empty bottles of booze and a modestly sized bra that had see ...
In Love: Nate & Jamie Engagement Session
For this session, we asked Nate and Jamie to get cozy in front of the camera while we escorted them around our favorite spots in town. Once you find spots that have legit sexiness, it's so hard to change it up! We went the variety route for this session, shooting the first half at the beautiful, blooming Nelson and then heading to ...
In Love: Travis & Kristi Engagement Session
This session was shot under a tornado watch, with warnings within 20 miles. It was a little breezy, but otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell with the warmth of the beautiful sunset showing up in most of these shots. Conditions were basically ideal for sexiness to be found by the camera. . . And as it turns out, we did find lots o ...
In Love: Ryan & Alyssa Engagement Session
Beautiful sunsets are something we all need more of. When I'm out shooting, I live for the hour when the sun quickly disappears beyond the horizon. That big, glowing ball of fiery gaseousness blessed us with one of its greatest disappearing acts the other evening. The warm, orange glow that it created in these photos was amazing. N ...