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In Love: Brent & Jessy Engagement Session
Brent and Jessy really brought it for their engagement session. I love the modern, fashionable look of the urban shots in the first part of the session! It seemed to fit their style perfectly and their outfits coordinated with the environments really well. Everyone always likes the smily photos, but I love to mix in some fierceness ...
In Love: Nic & Tara Engagement Session
Nic and Tara made the trip down to Kansas City for a very sexy engagement session. They were such naturals in front of the camera, and their layered outfits were on fire. Nic was a big time wrestler back in the day and he let us know that he was more nervous about doing an engagement session than he was for his wrestling matches. A ...
In Love: Richard & Michelle Engagement Session
It was hotter than crap for this session and the humidity was straight awful. Just saying. It felt like we were wading through a swimming pool the whole time, and I'm not gonna lie, there were sweat towels involved for all parties. Still though, good times were had by all. . .especially Michelle. Richard is such a funny dude and it ...
In Love: Spencer & Jena Engagement Session
A couple weeks ago Jena & Spencer paid us a visit in Kansas City for some pictures a la engagement. Jena just so happens to be my cousin, so the level of uncomfortability was higher than usual for them, I'm guessing. "Okay cousin, now show me how you make out," I might have said. Nah, really everything was totally awesome and I thi ...
In Love: Mike & Ester Engagement Session
I realize I'm little behind on the blogging, so please accept my token sudden and unexpected vanishment of blogger apology. Lets get things started again with Mike and Ester and some fancy urban deliciousness.