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In Love: Ben and Meghan Engagement Session
We all braved the cold for this session. More like the wind, I guess. Nevertheless, I think Ben and Meghan did a fabulous job of staying warm and bringing their A-game. They are great with one another and I loved the genuine laughs we were able to capture. Can't wait to shoot the wedding, just next month! Peppe ...
In Love: Nathan & Jami Engagement Session
We made a whirlwind trip up to Chicago recently and this engagement session was one of the results. Nathan and Jami are getting married in Kansas City in the fall, but they're calling Chicago home. This was our first chance to finally meet each other, so the pressure was on to make a good first impression and then smoothly transiti ...
In Love: Chris & Sarah Engagement Session
We shot Chris and Sarah's engagement session on a cold, dreary day, but I love the feel of their images. I'm certain we looked totally ridiculous behind the camera in our two pairs of pants and socks, three layers of shirts and janky snow boots. Fortunately, those in front of the camera were looking hot and I guess that's generally ...
In Love: Rachel & Johnny’s Engagement Session
There are several things I still need to post from shoots that were before the Holidays, and this one, you'll see, harkens back to days of far warmer temperatures. :) Rachel and Johnny are a couple with a lot of style and they can totally work it. Their outfits paired perfectly with the environments and I love the way they turned o ...
In Love: Mark & Michelle Engagement Session
We shot Mark and Michelle's engagement session a while ago in the warmth of the outdoors. Doesn't it seem like so long ago?! They've got a downtown New Year's Eve wedding that's coming up quick, so we're excited about that. :) We've got our hopes up for unseasonably warm temperatures. I remember shooting a wedding right around the ...