Category: Engagements

In Love: Thomas & Kassie’s Engagement Session
Thomas and Kassie joined us for another of those beautiful fall evenings on the Plaza. Man, we were so blessed with an amazing fall this year. . . which I suppose one could say we deserved after such a brutal summer. Anyway, why do I always talk about the weather? These guys were quite the casual and comfortable models for us and I ...
In Love: Jeff & Robin’s Engagement Session
Jeff and Robin are a good looking couple and they have a lot of giggles together. Especially Robin. I love some of the shots that we got from their engagement session as they are just so comfortable together. We shot into the night, which is kind of a rarity, but holy smokes I love that sunset shot! They are planning a modern, down ...
In Love: Justin & Kellie’s Engagement Session
We shot Justin and Kellie's engagement session on the Plaza on one of these gorgeous fall evenings. Trouble with a gorgeous fall evening on the Plaza is that lots of other people that we're not photographing like to enjoy the evening on the Plaza as well. We made it work with extra doses of patience. :) We finished up the session a ...
In Love: Cameron & Ashley’s Engagement Session
Cameron and Ashley are very chill and were super comfortable in front of the camera. We shot their engagement session on a beautiful, sunkissed fall day. Love the warmth of these as the sun peeked through the deep woods. Beautimus! Lots more that we could post, but here are some of the highlights.
In Love: Nathan & Ashley Engagement Session
I'm very pleased with the way Nathan & Ashley's engagement photos turned out. They have a style and glam about them and they photograph very well. Meaning they basically straight work it out. The locations we visited were fairly neutral backdrops, but they fit the sophisticated sexiness of the shoot pretty well. Each spot held a bi ...