Here are some shots from the engagement shoot that we had with Jami and Roy. We had a lot of fun taking and editing these shots. We played around with a wide variety of images that ranged from traditional portraits to edgy urban attitude. I don't know why the vertical images are coming in so much bigger than the horizontals. I will try to fix them, but nevertheless, enjoy! READ MORE
The first photography job of my short career is complete. There was much to learn, so I'm glad it was laid back and on a smaller scale to start. I'm freaking tired from retouching photos all last week—sleep deprived is certainly accurate. I decided to have some fun and get conceptual today. I took a shot of that which I'm totally longing for (my bed), and then put together a dream-like composite to accompany it. I haven't done much of this before, so it was fun, especially after working on portraits all week. Hopefully the pics will be a little more tasty from now on, since I finally figured out the stupid color profile mess. READ MORE
It's Kara's 25th today. I tried to be a sensitive guy and show off my baking skills. I made her a cake all from scratch. I've got sick baking skills it turns out. We took advantage of the awesome weather (again) and had a picnic at the park today. Kara's birthday cuisine is today's theme.   READ MORE
All I did today was edit photos. Literally. I guess I took a few minutes to enjoy the outside world and its quite comfortable temperature. Jo was longing to get more of that outside stuff, so I did a silhouette study of her sitting at the doorway. The final shot awarded me a B&W gem. READ MORE
It was a freaking beautiful day today. This winter has been great so far, it seems like we're living on the Gulf Coast at times. I know Iowa has gotten battered by a horrible winter, so I won't boast too much. The warmth inspired a night of grilling out and the hamburgers were damn perfect, if I might say so. And yes, that's right. A two-for-one Friday.   READ MORE