With loyal fan base now intact, the blog must go on. Tonight was another busy one, as we travelled up and down I-35. This shot was captured in the parking lot of David's Bridal just off of the interstate. I looked ridiculous with my fat camera taking pictures of lights in a parking lot. From there we went and certified our business by meeting with our accountant and registering our business. Pretty exciting, and fairly painless too. READ MORE
Everyone has arrived  and madness is in the hizzouse, mainly courtesy of the dogs. Some beautiful weather is set to roll in and the sun was shining nicely this afternoon. The sun's illumination exposed the filthiness of our windows, perhaps the only thing we didn't scrub and clean this week. Damn. It was still pretty though. READ MORE
A cold, dark and cloudy day it was today. Our family is quite tired as a result. It's again amazing there are pictures being posted. In the midst of fatigue, however, we did manage to exercise our dog. Ah yes, the magical green exercise toy. Guaranteed to give your dog seizures. Joey is absolutely obsessed with this toy and that's putting it quite lightly. This was taken after the first intense set of exercising, so she was slightly less freakish. You're now all over the internet Jo. READ MORE
Well, we based our whole day around the dog, it seems. I guess that's what happens when you decide it's time she rid herself of some hair. We double teamed her practically the whole time to use our time more efficiently. She loved it. I took some time out to document the process. READ MORE