Author: Joel

The Big Day: Dan & Amie’s Kansas City Wedding
Dan and Amie celebrated their marriage with a very small wedding ceremony and reception in warm of November. :) It was another wildly windy day, which I suppose can be expected when you have any sort of warmth past November 1st. They had their ceremony at Pilgrim Chapel and then had a casual reception and dinner and the fantastic J ...
The Big Day: Nathan & Ashley’s Kansas City Wedding
Nathan & Ashley had a lovely and meaningful Jewish wedding that was a pleasure to cover. I felt like an idiot, asking them over and over how the day was going to unfold, to ensure that we were prepared for everything. In the end, everything went smoothly and we managed just fine. The day was phenomenal by November standards, but it ...
Knupp Family Photos
Check out the Knupp family and a little more grown up Nolan. I wasn't totally noticing it while we were shooting, but this little guy's expressions are killing me over and over again! He looks like a little Hulk all dressed up in plaid. :) Love this family . . . and these photos, of course!
In Love: Mickey & Katie Engagement Session
We shot Mickey & Katie's engagement session back during the peak of the fall foliage. It lasted a while into November this year, so we caught a break! This was back when it was actually warm. Remember that? Yeah, me too. But who really wants a balmy Christmas anyway, right? I'm loving some of these environmental shots that would ma ...
The Big Day: Chris & Sarah’s Weston Wedding
Chris and Sarah's wedding was at the Red Barn Farm up in Weston during what appeared to be the absolute prime week of the year. The fall colors were out, the tall, prairie grass was a feathery, golden hue and the weather was nothing short of ideal. I suppose the only less than ideal thing during the day was that my fancy black shoe ...