About Us

Hi friends, we are Joel and Kara Carter and those are our two kids/monsters Maya and Grayson. We have been married for 13 years and have been professionally photographing weddings in Kansas City—and now Iowa—for over ten years. In November of 2015, we moved our family and our business from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids to return to our eastern Iowa roots and raise our kids closer to family. We are excited about bringing our big city experience to what we have always considered “home”.

As professional photographers, it is our aim to keep your relationships and your life real, and capture them as timeless works of art. We specialize in a modern brand of photojournalism, with a vibrant and colorful flair. We are after authentic and beautiful photos that tell a story. We want to capture and create images that you can feel. And as important as those beautiful photos are, we know that your total experience with us is just as important. We do everything we can to ensure that your time with us is easy and stress-free (and actually enjoyable)—from initial correspondence, all the way through the final delivery of photos. It would be our pleasure to partner with you to create a portfolio of documentary photos that you’ll be proud to display throughout your home for years and years to come.

Get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you!


  • sarcasm
  • golf
  • word games
  • Apple products
  • Excel spreadsheets (is it okay to put that after “Apple products”?)
  • lists (like this one)
  • did I say golf?
  • cheese (the dairy product, not in pictures—I despise cheesy pictures)


  • creamer with a little bit of coffee
  • Target
  • animated movies
  • shopping for hours on end (preferably in Target . . . and without the kids)
  • Black Friday
  • rom-coms


  • our God
  • our church
  • our daughter, Miss Maya Mae
  • our buddy, Mr. Grayson Lee
  • our family
  • our dog, though sometimes this is debatable
  • cooking . . . when time allows
  • the beach
  • ice cream
  • modern home decor
  • each other (of course, right?)