October 5, 2012

The Big Day: Matt & Jolene’s Wedding


We traveled up to Chicago to photograph Matt and Jolene’s wedding in the middle of September. Man, it was a beautiful day! They had both the ceremony and the reception at the Elmhurst Art Museum. I actually went to design school with Jolene, hence the connection. Jolene was always that super talented girl who was always way better than me and made everyone else feel like a schmuck. So when she asked me to shoot her wedding, of course I was very flattered, and I knew the details were going to be beautiful. I was very right! The venue was great, with its simple, clean architecture and we had tons of great photo ops within walking distance. Sometimes long walking distance, but walking distance nonetheless! I love the way things turned out and I think you’ll agree. Matt and Jolene, thank you so much for having us up to photograph your special day, we had a lot of fun!