August 16, 2012

The Big Day: Andre & Hillary’s Wedding


Andre and Hillary had their wedding on another scorching hot day. . . dare I say the hottest day we’ve ever shot on. I think it was 106 at one point. We did our best to dip in and out of air conditioning and to find as many indoor locations as possible, only spending about 15 minutes outside.

CurĂ© of Ars was the site of their ceremony and one of the best father/daughter reveals we’ve ever shot. I told Hillary that I’ve never seen a family’s love so visibly demonstrated than in that series of moments. It made an awesome album spread! The reception was at Californos in Westport, a Kansas City venue that we’ve shot numerous times. It’s a space that has great character and charm, making it a great setting for tasty reception photos. Flowers were done by Emily Walters of Emmy-Ray.

Other than the oppressive heat, we enjoyed a nice, laid back day that seemed to reflect Andre and Hillary’s personalities quite well. Thanks for having us share the day guys!