April 25, 2012

In Love: Tim & Diana’s Engagement Session


Diana and Tim are living out on the west coast, but planning a wedding here in the midwest, which certainly must be a challenging affair! We were fortunate to get a decent day of weather for their engagement session, considering they’re only able to make in town once every couple of months. I say decent, because it wasn’t spectacular. The sun was shining, but almost too much so, because the temps were hovering around 90 degrees. That said, we stayed out of the sun as much as possible and managed the smell of several ethnic cuisines alright. We shot the session in Lawrence, where they’ll have their wedding, and this was the weekend that KU was in the midst of their title game run, so needless to say, it was a little crazy around town. Toward the end, we escaped the madness and visited Clinton Lake, which turned out to be a great spot for some cool shots as the sun was setting. It also turned out to be a great spot for some massive swarms of insects, but that’s neither here nor there.